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The HABE Liburutegia is a specialised public library and its main focus is multilingualism.


• The sections of the library

1. HA - Applied linguistics


HA systematically gathers documentation referring to the didactic, sociological, psychological and educational aspects of languages. Also catalogued are analyses of articles on the teaching of Basque and on the sociological, psychological and educational aspects of languages in the Basque Country.


It covers six main disciplines: 

- A Sociolinguistics

- B Second language teaching

- C Psycholinguistics

- D Language and education

- E First language acquisition

- F Linguistics

2. EB - Basque Library


EB contains documents published in Basque: literature (novels, stories, drama, poetry, bertsolaritza/extempore Basque verse-making, etc.), social sciences, natural sciences, applied sciences, art, geography, history, etc. It functions as a general library in Basque.


3. MD - Teaching Materials


This section includes material on language learning and teaching. The main languages are: Basque (baq), English (eng), French (fre), Spanish (spa), German (ger), Catalan (cat). There is also material for learning 70 other languages: Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Hindi, Swahili and many more.


• Collaboration agreements


HABE Liburutegia collaborates with institutions and research groups that work in the library’s field of specialisation. This is a line of work that has been strengthened in recent years. The aim is that the HABE Liburutegia should offer document services to these institutions and research groups by adapting to their needs and offering online services.


Therefore, HABE has signed five collaboration agreements with as many institutions so that they can use the services of the HABE Liburutegia.


- Euskaltzaindia-Royal Academy of the Basque Language, in connection with the project Etxeberri Egitasmoa, which is working on the Social History of Basque.

- Soziolinguistika Klusterra.

- The Iker research centre in Bayonne.

- Mintzola Foundation.

- Asmoz Foundation, in connection with HIZNET – Hizkuntza Plangintzako graduondokoa/Postgraduate Course in Language Planning. 



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